Performance you can't believe.
Price you can't beat.
Powerful Virtual Desktops
See why our customers are choosing Softdrive.
5X Faster.
Compared to industry leading RDP
Simpler Setup.
80% reduction in setup time.
Easily Provision, deploy and
manage hundreds of Cloud PCs.
Unrivalled performance for you power users
Eliminate the challenge of slow computers and underpowered hardware. Provide a solution end-users will love, and forget they're working in a virtual environment. Run Revit, Bluebeam, Enscape, Fuzor and other GPU demanding software flawlessly.
Moving browsers around easily
TCO graph showcasing Softdrive being more cost and time efficient
Designed to Deliver the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Other VDI platform's take months to pilot and deploy to production. Softdrive was created for simplicity. Start a pilot and be production ready in under a week.
Use anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Connect from hotel Wi-Fi, mobile hotspots, customer offices, or the beach, your productivity is our top priority. When your users are happy with performance, everyone within the organization will be too.
An IT solution made to make IT more efficient.
Dramatically reduce time spent on provisioning and maintaining hardware through our managed PCs. Provision our VDI in minutes, not weeks. Get cloud hardware that’s maintained and upgraded for you. Pair your existing old or underpowered devices with Softdrive
Uncompromised Security and Compliance.
Protect your sensitive data and intellectual property with our robust security measures, including advanced encryption and secure access controls, tailored to meet rigorous industry standards.
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Our Partners
Softdrive has allowed us to access data, software, and processes from other places than a dedicated workstation in our main office. That capability along with the partnership from the Softdrive team has made this effort a success."
Jared R.
Director of Project Controls & VDC,
Bowen Engineering
It’s not just about the technology; it’s about the people behind it. 10/10 for Customer support”
Tara G.
Senior Project Architect,  M+H Architects
"At my last job, I was carrying around a 10 pound computer every day and it was a huge pain. With Softdrive, we don't have to do that anymore."
Emma K.
VDC Engineer, Bowen Engineering

Case Studies

M+H Architects

M+H were frustrated with their former provider. Softdrive checked off all the boxes, especially customer support.

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Plus Group

Softdrive's virtual desktop revolutionized Plus Group, enhancing their hardware capabilities with seamless performance

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Bowen Engineering

Bowen's reliance on Softdrive is a testament to the capabilities of meeting the demands of architectural and engineering projects

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