Stream a powerful Cloud PC to any device

Never worry about computer performance, security or remote work again.

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Fast. Simple. Scalable.

Easily provision, deploy and manage hundreds of Cloud PCs through Softdrive's industry leading GPU virtualization Software.


Run intensive software, without needing to upgrade hardware

Eliminate the challenge of slow computers and underpowered hardware.

  • Achieve lower latency and higher FPS
  • Run Revit, Bluebeam, Enscape, Fuzor flawlessly
  • Extend the life of older devices
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Keep up with remote work challenges

Provide a user-friendly, lightning-fast PC experience across all devices.

  • Get ultra-fast virtualization with high visual quality and the ability to use multiple displays
  • Stream anywhere, regardless of internet speed
  • Simple and easy for end-users
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Free up your IT team's time

Dramatically reduce time spent on provisioning and maintaining hardware through our managed PCs.

  • Provision Cloud PCs in hours, not weeks
  • Get cloud hardware that’s maintained and upgraded for you
  • Pair your existing old or underpowered devices with Softdrive
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Get started with Softdrive today.

Stream a powerful virtual computer to any device, wherever you are.


Three Simple Steps

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Datacenter hardware

Softdrive virtual computers work similarly to your local computer. The difference is where the hardware is located.

Computer hardware

Streamed to you

Using our technology, Softdrive takes the datacenter hardware and turns it into a streamable computer.

Computer streaming
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Available anywhere

The Softdrive computer feels as responsive as a local PC, meaning you can have a fast computer experience on any device.

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Here's what our customers have to say


Softdrive is the only cloud computing solution that provides high performance PCs for the AEC industry. This saves us from constantly upgrading and maintaining hardware. Plus remote access makes it easy to work from anywhere.


Softdrive has provided a simple solution to realizing our vision of working in a fully enabled remote environment. We can now focus on the goals of our business instead of dealing with the frustration of costly hardware.


Our old computers were causing frustration in the office. We're not a tech savy firm and weren't sure what to upgrade to. Softdrive solved our problem through their awesome cloud computers. Our staff even use them outside of work hours because of how fast they are.


My computer couldn’t handle 2 large point-cloud projects. Thankfully I have Softdrive to download and extract data while simultaneously working at full capacity.

Our valued customers

Hinari GroupANDRES Construction Services