Cloud Virtualization


Performance you can't believe. Price you can't beat.

Softvirt offers improved performance, security, and resource management.

Unlike other Virtual Desktop companies, Softdrive sets itself apart by leveraging open source technologies and building their own virtualization stack called Softvirt.


Technology minded organizations require flexible workflows that enable them to be dynamic in todays evolving landscape. With increasing requirements for flexible work locations, organizations need to provide a highly secure environment that emulates or even exceeds the performance of a local machine. Softvirt is engineered for business environments that require high levels of performance, reliability, and scalability.

Direct GPU Access:

VMs operate more efficiently as there's no overhead when compared to a emulated GPU.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Resources can be allocated to VMs based on current needs, ideal for evolving workloads and scaling teams.

Resource Management:

Softvirt manages hardware resources directly, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Resource Isolation:

Each VM is isolated, improving security and maintaining performance stability across VMs.

What we do best:

Unlimited Storage

Leverage customizable iSCSI storage and integrate with any cloud storage provider for long-term, multi-device access. Softdrive’s technology offers dynamic storage that grows with your business demand.

GPU Virtualization

Accelerate your workloads and enjoy a lightning-fast computer experience with a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU). All GPU Softdrive VMs leverage GPU acceleration as a result of our GPU virtualization allowing you to use a cutting-edge graphics processor at an affordable price point.

Performance Autoscaling

Redefining what a computer is, Softdrive cloud computers automatically adapt their performance to match the demand of your software, offering an unprecedented price for performance. Softdrive load-balances secure virtual machines across a fleet of powerful servers, ensuring high hardware utilization.

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