Command Center


Control at your fingertips.

Softnet is your organization's control center

Softdrive's modern VDI platform was engineered to ensure a highly efficient and secure environment. IT teams use Softnet as a single pane of glass for administration access, enabling them to provision and manage their global virtual desktops. Built for scalability, it’s easy to add new virtual desktops anywhere in the world in a few minutes, then monitor and analyze activity data globally – all from one admin console.

Setup your environment, upload templates, deploy and manage your Virtual Desktops.

Simple Set Up

Softdrive's simple, browser-based setup allows you to upload your environment and provision your first virtual desktop in minutes. With Softdrive's fully-hosted DaaS you can be fully deployed in hours – not weeks or months.

Pooled machines

Not everyone on your team needs a high performance machine, some just need it for a few hours a week. Instead of that shared desktop at the office, create pooled environments where virtual desktops can be claimed and released by users when they need it.

Maintain your user access policies

We seamlessly integrate with your AD or SSO provider to simplify your management. Don't manage more than you have to.

Runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Softdrive is a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Nvidia partner. Our service seamlessly integrates with network drives, cloud storage, and printing.

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