Case Study: M+H M+H Architects and Softdrive

St. Louis, MO
“It's not just about the technology; it's about the people behind it.” -Tara Golmore, Senior Project Architect at M+H Architects


M+H Architects, a forward-thinking architectural firm, faced significant challenges with their previous IT vendor, which included poor communication, lack of support, and unfulfilled promises regarding technology upgrades. This led them to seek a new solution to meet their computing needs effectively.


The main issues M+H Architects wanted to address were:

  • Poor communication and support from their previous cloud vendor.
  • Unmet promises regarding technology upgrades.
  • A need for a reliable and responsive PC solution to support their daily operations and intensive software applications.


After discovering Softdrive while exploring alternatives, M+H Architects engaged their IT partner, ATB Technologies, to evaluate Softdrive's suitability. Impressed by its performance and the exceptional support provided, they proceeded to implement Softdrive throughout their organization.


Softdrive was deployed to all employees at M+H Architects, supporting a range of applications and roles from administrative tasks to GPU-heavy software, without the need for expensive computers. This wide implementation demonstrated Softdrive's versatility and ability to meet diverse computing needs within the firm.


M+H Architects experienced numerous benefits from switching to Softdrive, including:

  • Enhanced communication and support: Softdrive provided exceptional customer service, with rapid response times to any issues, a stark contrast to their previous provider.
  • Reliability: The reliability of Softdrive's service meant that M+H Architects could operate daily without disruptions, a critical factor for their business.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Softdrive's ability to offer different levels of computing power (from SD2 to potentially SD3 or SD4 for higher-demand tasks) provided the firm with the flexibility to match their computing needs with their projects' demands.

Key Features Appreciated

  • Rapid and effective support, especially from the customer service representative, who was highly commended for his dedication.
  • The cloud computing model allowed for the use of less powerful laptops in the field, underscoring Softdrive's efficiency and the minimal hardware requirements.
  • The elimination of the need for dedicated IT personnel allowed for the reallocation of capital to other areas of the firm.


M+H Architects' transition to Softdrive illustrates the impact of responsive customer service and reliable cloud computers on an architectural firm's operations. This partnership not only solved M+H Architects' immediate technological challenges but also positioned them for scalable growth and innovation in their projects. 

Softdrive's commitment to listening to and addressing client needs is a cornerstone of their success, as demonstrated in this fruitful collaboration.

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