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Why Softdrive DaaS?

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Modern Virtual Desktops from anywhere

We have reinvented virtual end-user computing with a modern end-to-end platform. Say goodbye to legacy VDI, we've built Softdrive from scratch for the work from anywhere era. We designed the solution to eliminate traditional VDI lag with Softstream, reduce deployment and operational complexity by 5x through Softnet, and reduce overall costs by 50% with Softvirt.

With Softdrive, you can stream virtual apps and desktops from anywhere in the world, thanks to our Oracle Cloud Partnership. Start your pilot in less than a day, and go live with your first use case in under a week!


Remote Desktop Software

with ease

  • SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Microsoft SSO
  • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Multimonitor for your all your needs

  • 8X Multimonitor
  • Virtual Displays

Stay connected with Video Conferencing

  • Webcam - Integrated or external webcams including SLR.
  • Microphone - Utilize integrated microphones, gaming headsets, or even studio quality Shure and Blue Yeti mics!
  • Audio - Wired or wireless, Softstream supports both USB dongle or Bluetooth.

File Transfers for your collaborations

  • Drag and Drop: Drag a file on the local machine and drop it into the Softdrive virtual desktop.
  • Copy/Paste: Seamlessly copy/ paste between your virtual and local PC.

Never sacrifice Picture Quality

  • Frames: 60+ FPS.
  • Resolutions: Supports 4K and Ultrawide Resolution.
  • YUV444: Improves image quality, at a cost of bandwidth. Recommended to use if you have a good connection.

Full System Customizations

  • Bitrate: Adjust manually to cap the bandwidth usage or leave on Auto.
  • Frame Rate: Adjust the framerate when connection is unstable for a smoother experience.
  • Network settings: Change between H.264 or H.265.

Security you can trust

  • TLS/ SRTP encryption: Security protocols that encrypt the data from end-to-end.
  • Encrypted at rest: All data is encrypted while stored on the cloud.
  • Soc2 certified: Compliance standard based on 5 criteria of trust; security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, privacy.

Multi-client for everyone

  • Multiple Connections: Connect to up to 15 Virtual Desktops at a time.
  • Simultaneous Users: Have multiple users connect to a single VM and collaborate in real time!


Cloud Virtualization Software

Virtual Machines

  • GPU Virtual Desktops: NVIDIA A10, A40, A100 GPUs (with latest RTX technology)
  • CPU Virtual Desktops
  • 3 Gbps download/ upload speeds
  • Optimized for 3D/ 4D GPU workloads

System Admin

  • Join onsite or cloud storage through IP-Sec or Fast-Connect tunnels.
  • Domain Join to a company server. Remotely join your company network to access secure data.
  • Active Directory on prem/ cloud
  • Easy integration with roaming profiles

Data Center Infrastructure

  • Oracle Data Center: We leverage and partner with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
  • Fully Biometrically secured: All data is stored on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which is physically isolated and access of any kind, is biometrically secured.
  • Fed-Cloud if required*


  • Soc2 certified: Compliance standard based on the 5 criteria of trust; security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, privacy.
  • Fed-Cloud if required*


Command Center

VM Management

  • Golden Template Management: Minimize configuration errors and save time by deploying a Golden Template that can be used for setting up new VMs.
  • Upload Templates: Upload WIM or VMDK images
  • Create Templates: Golden Image an existing Softdrive Virtual Desktop

VM Deployment

  • VM Type: Customize VM/ Cloud PC deployment with a variety of different configurations and profiles (SD1.SD2.SD3...)
  • Resources: Change Ram, CPU, GPU, and Storage on the fly. Easily upgrade or downgrade from your dashboard.
  • Pooled Machines: Add shared, pooled PCs for user groups


  • Site-to-site VPN (IP-Sec): Site-to-Site VPN provides a site-to-site IPSec connection between your on-premises network and your virtual cloud network (VCN).
  • Oracle Fast Connect: Connect directly to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) virtual cloud network via a dedicated, private, high-bandwidth connection.

VDI Management

  • Control: Turn Machines On/ Off/ Reboot/ Password reset for effortless troubleshooting.
  • Scalable storage: Upgrade your storage based on changing requirements.

Team Management

  • SSO/ MFA: Make it compulsory for your team/ organization to use Single Sign On/ Multi Factor Authentication for added security.


  • Restrict Copy/ Paste: Restrict traffic from Softdrive to client PC Protect sensitive data by removing copy/ paste capabilities to the local PC.
  • Support: 7-day customer support

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