Case Study: Hirani Group, Solving their IT Bottleneck with Softdrive

NY, New Yorkm USA


Hirani Group based out of NY, is a renowned company recognized for its due diligence, hard work, and honesty. Known for its trendsetting approach, the company places significant importance on building customer-friendly properties. By sharing its success with all partners, Hirani Group has cultivated loyalty among its associates. The brand's reputation is built not on media hype but on the real efforts of its dedicated team, striving to achieve excellence in the real estate landscape.


The main issues Hirani Group wanted to address were:

  • Inadequate IT infrastructure that hindered remote collaboration and data access.
  • High latency issues affecting their international teams, especially noticeable in their operations in India.
  • The need for a reliable, scalable and cost effective, virtual GPU desktop infrastructure to support their diverse application needs and remote workforce.


After exploring various options, Hirani Group discovered Softdrive. They were impressed by its cost-efficiency and the robust performance metrics demonstrated during the trial period. The decision was made to implement Softdrive across the organization.


Softdrive was deployed to all employees, accommodating various roles from administrative staff to field survey teams requiring high-performance computing resources. This broad implementation showcased Softdrive's capability to meet diverse computing needs effectively.


Switching to Softdrive brought numerous benefits to Hirani Group, including:

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration: With Softdrive's reliable cloud infrastructure, teams across different locations could collaborate efficiently without any downtime.
  • Improved performance and accessibility: The deployment of data centers closer to their teams in India significantly reduced latency, enhancing productivity for the entire workforce.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Softdrive’s infrastructure allowed Hirani Group to scale their IT resources based on project demands, offering various configurations from lighter to more powerful setups as needed.

Key Features Appreciated

  • Exceptional customer support with rapid response times, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.
  • The virtual desktop infrastructure allowed for using less powerful, more cost-effective end-user hardware, which was particularly beneficial for remote and field teams.
  • Significant cost savings on IT infrastructure, enabling re-allocation of resources to other critical areas of development and expansion.


Hirani Group's transition to Softdrive not only resolved their initial technological challenges but also supported their strategic goals of scalability and enhanced operational efficiency. This partnership highlighted the importance of responsive service and a reliable cloud solution in modernizing corporate IT infrastructure.

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