Supercharge your apps using the cloud.

Softdrive separates your software from hardware, letting you run whatever, wherever, forever.

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Remote access

Stream to any device

Softdrive uses proprietary, secure, ultra-fast streaming software to connect to any of your screens.If your device is capable of YouTube or Netflix, it's capable of connecting to Softdrive and becoming the fastest PC around.


Modern hardware, always

Softdrive leverages virtualization technology to prevent vendor lock-in and use the best hardware on the market.


Secure by default

We're offering world-class security backed by experts and continuous research to stay ahead of the curve. Being secure by default is another way we're helping you focus on your business priorities.

Optimized compression

Modern video codecs optimized for each GPU manufacturer.

Low latency

Ultra-responsive custom UDP-based networking protocol.


Fully encrypted and authenticated using TLS and SRTP.


Top of the line, enterprise-grade system and infrastructure.

Automatic upgrades

Automatically upgrades to the underlying hardware.


Scales your computer to keep up with your needs [coming soon].

Fully encrypted

TLS and SRTP network protocols with the AES cipher. Encryption at rest.


Two-factor authentication. Devices may be verified and trusted for 30 days.


24/7 on-site security and monitoring. Built on the largest cloud providers.